Why Get Professional Woodworm Treatment

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To understand the importance of getting professional woodworm treatment, you first need to have an idea of what woodworms are and the damage they can do to your property.

So, what are woodworms? Some people mistakenly think that these creatures are worms, but they are not. They are actually beetles! To be more specific, they are the larvae of beetles that bore in wood.

Spotting woodworms can be difficult, if not impossible, since they are small. More importantly, they stay hidden, spending most of their time inside holes as they eat the wood. They stay within these burrows until they turn into full-grown beetles. Mature beetles emerge out of the timbre to breed, often leaving behind large holes.

In terms of appearance, these creatures have curved, creamy white bodies. Meanwhile, the physical characteristics of the beetles vary depending on their species. Records show that there are over 400,000 beetle species worldwide.

In Ireland, there are different types of wood-boring beetles. According to reports, the most common species of woodworm in Ireland is the Common Furniture Beetle. Do not be deceived by this beetle species’ name as it does not only infest wooden furniture. They can attack the timbre on any structure, from the joists to the floorboards. In fact, the Common Furniture Beetle is the culprit behind most wood damages in buildings.

Another popular type of wood-boring beetle is the House Longhorn Beetle. These beetles are prevalent south of Ireland. House longhorn beetles inflict the most damage amongst all wood-boring insects. This is mainly because of their large larvae which can eat up the entire sapwood as they grow.

What’s the problem with woodworms?

As mentioned above, these creatures can damage wood. When timbre in a building becomes infested with woodworms, it can become weak. Consequently, this can compromise the structural integrity of the building.

Simply put:

Woodworm infestation can wreak havoc on your property. When not addressed immediately, it can lead to the destruction of your house and endanger the lives of your loved ones.

So, if you suspect infestation, do not delay treating the woodworm. Call a professional right away so that an inspection can be done and treatment can begin ASAP!

Why Entrust Woodworm Treatment to Professionals

Please do not attempt to treat woodworm infestations on your own. Yes, there is currently a wealth of information on the Internet including how to treat woodworm. However, this task is not meant for amateurs.

Successful woodworm treatment demands expertise. For one, before the problem can be eliminated, the beetle species must be identified first. This is not an easy task since to the untrained eye these creatures can look the same.

Furthermore, knowledge about the species, particularly the tell-tale signs of their infestation, is necessary. Sure, you can acquire this information online, but simply reading and memorising these details won’t be enough. You need actual experience to accurately identify the species. Doing this for the first time can be confusing, even with a guide on hand. Hence, it is highly likely for you to commit an error.

Aside from determining what type of wood-boring beetle is causing the problem, you also need to find out if the infestation is active or not. In addition, if an infestation exists, you have to assess the extent of the problem. Again, these tasks demand knowledge and experience that you won’t acquire overnight.

So, don’t stress yourself and risk your property. Instead of the DIY route, get professional woodworm treatment.

Here’s the deal:

Woodworm treatment specialists have the know-how, skills and experience needed to effectively eliminate all kinds of wood-boring beetle infestation problem. Plus, they have the equipment necessary for them to identify and eliminate woodworm issues your property may have.

Suffice it to say, when the treatment is carried out by professionals, you are guaranteed effective and long-lasting solution to your woodworm problem. Be it a widespread infestation or the type wherein notorious species are involved, you can count on these professionals to get the job done right the first time.

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