Condensation & Mould Treatment

Identifying a Problem

Houses are becoming more airtight as we try to make our homes more energy efficient. Without a good source of fresh air in your home, condensation and mould problems start to arise which can cause problems to your health and home.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time, money and effort keeping your home in perfect condition only to be rewarded by the appearance of mould. Unfortunately, mould can appear in any room of the house, it’s not just a problem exclusiveh to bathrooms it can appear around window frames, behind furniture, on mattresses, walls, floors, ceilings and doors. It can even find its way into your wardrobe and on to your clothing, shoes and bags!

Apart from being unsightly and ruining your decor, there is growing evidence to suggest that it is also bad for your health. It can cause headaches, breathing difficulties as well as nausea and fatigue. What’s more, mould is a recognised allergen and irritant, it has also been identified as a trigger for respiratory problems such as Asthma.

The good news is that one of the most common causes of mould is condensation dampness, a problem which affects lots of homes in the Ireland. Surprisingly, it is easy to resolve once you have identified the problem.

The Solution

Condensation Solution

The Mr Venty ECO2 Loft or wall unit for apartments or flats is an energy efficient whole house ventilation unit, designed to control condensation within homes with a loft space. The Mr Venty unit gently ventilates the home from a central position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment.

Features & Benefits

    • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation
    • Quiet operation
    • Eliminates mould
    • Stops streaming windows
    • Removes musty odours
    • Can reduce heating costs
    • Benefits asthma sufferers
    • BBA approved
    • Superior long life filters
    • Low running costs
    • Integral intelligent comfort heater (as standard)
    • 5 year guarantee
  • Energy Saving Benefits

    Minimum Energy Consumption

    Powered by an Ultra Low Watt Brushless DC Motor, the Mr Venty ECO2 Loft unit and wall utilises the latest whole house ventilation technology to ensure minimum energy consumption and long term trouble free life.

    Heat Distribution

    Warm air accumulates at ceiling level. This air can be up to 7°C higher than the internal air at ground level. By introducing an almost imperceptible air supply into the dwelling from the loft space, the Mr Venty ECO2 Loft unit helps to redistribute heat around the home and thus reduce space heating costs.

    No Need To Open Windows

    To reduce humidity and condensation during the heating season, significant energy loss occurs by opening windows. By installing a Mr Venty ECO2 Loft unit and providing fresh filtered air to the home humid air is displaced without opening windows and thus making significant savings to the occupier.

  • Health Benefits

    With improved building features in our homes, such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and draught proofing, ‘natural ventilation’ is prohibited. Stale air is trapped causing streaming windows, which ultimately leads to musty smells, dampness and mould growth. These mould spores are known allergens and become airborne at the slightest disturbance. The microscopic spores are then inhaled and can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma, dust allergies and hayfever.

    The Mr Venty ECO2 Loft draws fresh air into the dwelling from outside and filters it before being delivered into the property. Moisture-laden air is diluted, displaced and replaced with clean, tempered and filtered air. This eliminates or reduces surface condensation, which causes mould growth, providing a significant improvement in the health of asthma sufferers and general indoor air quality.

    We have an extensive selection of kitchen extractor fans and single room or whole house heat recovery units designed to reduce humidity levels within the kitchen and improve indoor air quality. Our innovative kitchen extractor fans can combat condensation, damp and mould problems in the kitchen caused by household appliances.

    We also offer a range of ultra quiet SILENT fans, which extract maximum airflow with the minimum noise possible. As well as being incredibly silent running, the SILENT range boasts a range of stylish and innovative features.