Why Damp Treatment Is Important

Jun 10, 2018 | Damp Proofing | 0 comments

Is it important to treat any damp problem your house may have? Yes and you need to address the issue immediately! Dampness in your home is not something you should ignore. Doing so can be costly and dangerous.

When you don’t deal with damp quickly, you run the risk of subjecting your house to structural damage. The presence of damp promotes dry rot. This is not a problem you would want to have since dry rot makes wood brittle. In addition, dry rot problem spreads easily and quickly. Basically, the longer you wait to fix the problem, the more extensive the damage will be and the more expensive the cost of repair will be.

Moreover, when the damp has compromised the structural integrity of your house, it would not be safe for you and your family to live in it. You would not have peace of mind, especially if your children are living in your house.

Aside from damaging your property, damp problem can cause health issues. Prolonged exposure to mould has been linked to breathing difficulties, chronic coughing and sneezing, eye irritation, skin rashes and upper respiratory tract problems. In some cases, nausea and bleeding in the lungs were experienced by patients as well.

Anyone can suffer from the ill effects of being exposed to moulds. However, children, elderly, pregnant women and those with weak immune system are more susceptible. There are studies which claim that unborn children of pregnant women exposed to moulds can be come affected as well.

So, to protect your house and your health, please do not take for granted any damp issue your property may have. As much as possible, fix the problem immediately. More importantly, see to it that professionals treat the problem.

How Do You Treat Damp?

The first thing you need to do is to look for a damp treatment service provider in Ireland. Please do not attempt to fix it on your own. You can expose yourself to more danger if you work on your property’s damp problem, especially if moulds are involved. This task requires the proper attire and equipment as well as skills and experience to effectively fix the problem.

Nowadays, finding a damp proofing company is not difficult because of the Internet. All you need to do is entre search terms like “damp proofing company in Ireland” and you’d be presented with various companies. However, please do not choose a service provider solely because it is the first one on the list. Make sure that the damp treatment company has good reviews from previous clients. This is the best way for you to find out if the service provider renders excellent service.

The first thing a damp treatment service provider is going to do is to survey your property. This is necessary for them to ascertain the presence of damp, identify its source of and identify the kind of damp problem you have. Bear in mind, there are different types of damp. Hence, it is essential to know what the specific problem is for them to properly address it.

After the survey, the service provider is going to give you a report which contains their findings. This includes a proposal on how to treat the damp, how long it would take and its cost. Work commences once you sign off on the project.

Dampness in the house can really be worrisome given what it can do to your property and your health. But if you catch this problem early and treat it immediately, you can prevent it from causing tremendous damage to your house and health.

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