How to Choose the Right Dublin Damp Proofing Contractor

Jun 6, 2018 | Damp Proofing | 0 comments

It is not enough that you hire a damp proofing company to address a damp or mould problem in your property. If you want to ensure long-lasting solution and excellent service, you must hire the right service provider. This task is not easy since you need to employ a stringent selection process. But it is not impossible to accomplish it for as long as you follow the guide below.

Learn About Damp

You need some basic understanding on what damp is, its types and the treatments available. Having knowledge about this stuff would greatly help you weed out legitimate Dublin damp treatment companies from the fake ones. Furthermore, knowing the types of damp and the treatments recommended for each one can protect you from spending on pricey solutions which you may not really need.

Ask About Their Qualifications and Training

Properly treating damp requires specialised knowledge and skills. It is not something one learns to do by simply watching “How To” videos online. This job requires formal training, one that is conducted by an experienced damp proofer or a trusted training provider. A reputable damp treatment company knows these requirements. Hence, it ensures that its employees have the qualifications needed to their jobs well. They regularly send them trainings to improve their skills and stay abreast with latest damp proofing treatments and techniques.

Look at Their Experience

The right Dublin damp proofing contractor for you is one which has an extensive experience treating damp. It is a company that has worked on various kinds of properties as well as different types of damp problem, from rising dam to dry rot. Having been in the business for years, this type of contractor has seen it all. Hence, you can count on them to know how to successfully deal with the problem no matter how bad it is.

Find Out Who Their Partners Are

A reputable damp treatment contractor has partners who are trusted in the industry – i.e., product manufacturers and damp proofing organisations. These manufacturers and organisations do not just partner with any contractor; they only work with the best. Hence, if the contractor shows that they are an accredited partner of an established company, it is a good indicator that they can be trusted to deliver first-rate service.

Check Their Portfolio

A good way to find out about the contractor’s quality of work is to check previous jobs they have done. Don’t worry – this does not mean you have to visit properties they treated.  You simply need to request for their portfolio. It is also highly recommended that you check out photos of works they have carried out which is similar to what they will do in your property.

Check What Clients Say About Them

So, the contractor convincingly answered all your questions and showed an impressive portfolio. Does this mean you should hire them already? Not yet! You can’t just rely on what they’ve said or what they’ve shown you. You have to find out what their clients say about them. Nowadays, you can use the Internet to get this information. You can visit online business directories and the contractor’s website to read customer reviews. Remember, a good damp proofing contractor has several 5-star ratings and glowing recommendations from previous clients.

Be Present During the Survey

Do not skip the survey as this is a good opportunity for you to find out how the contractor works. A good damp treatment company knows that properly diagnosing the cause of the problem is the key to effectively treating it. Hence, they are thorough when surveying a property. They take pictures and make notes. They inspect the outside and inside of the property. They also interview homeowners like you to learn about the house’s damp history and damp proofing works that have been done. Lastly, they provide an extensive written report about their findings – their observations and recommendations.

Find Out If They Offer Any Guarantee

It is important that you pick a company that offers guarantees on their work and the materials they use. This shouldn’t be a problem since most contractors offer guarantee. But make sure you read the fine print to determine what kind of warranty they offer. Ideally, you should get a service provider that offers insurance-backed guarantee. This way, even if the company stops operating, the work they did on your property is still covered.

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