Dry Rot Treatment Specialist – How to Find the Best in Ireland

Jan 11, 2019 | Dry Rot | 0 comments

Dry rot, when left untreated, can damage your property and cause you to spend thousands of euros on repair. More importantly, it can compromise the structural integrity of your house, making it an unsafe place for you and your family to live in.

So, do not neglect any dry rot issue in your house. Make sure that you treat it immediately. Get the help of a professional dry rot treatment specialist. Make sure you choose the best one in Ireland to ensure excellent service. But before we discuss how you’d find the top dry rot treatment specialist, let’s learn more about dry rot – telltale signs of its presence and how to treat it.

Signs of Dry Rot in the House

Dry rot pertains to timbre decay caused by Serpula lacrymans, a type of wood-destroying fungus which is found all over the world. It is famously known for targeting timbre forests as well as wood in buildings and ships.

You should not ignore the presence of dry rot in your house. Wood with dry rot can become brittle. Furthermore, it can quickly spread, even through non-wooden materials of the house. When dry rot becomes widespread, extensive structural damage can happen. Your house may even collapse! This can be very dangerous for you and other people living in the house.

So, to preserve your house and ensure your safety, make sure that you immediately address any dry rot problem. Before you could do this though, you need to be aware of the signs of dry rot presence in your home.

The most common indicator of dry rot is a musty or damp odour. Other usual signs include mycelium growth (grey and cotton wool-like in appearance) and  the presence of soft fruiting bodies with a pizza-like colour (rusty deep red or orange-ochre spores) and wide pores.

The fungi remove the moisture from the wood causing it to dry out. As a result, the affected timbre darkens, becoming covered in silky grey skin with lilac and yellow tinges. The wood shrinks, turns brittle and eventually cracks.

Choosing the Best Dry Rot Treatment Specialist

Admittedly, diagnosing a dry rot problem is not something anyone could do. This task requires expertise. This is why, you need to hire a dry rot treatment specialist to carry out a survey and to remedy any dry rot problem in your house.

It should not be difficult for you to find a company offering damp treatment services since there are a lot of them. However, if you want real results, you need to carefully select your service provider.

Do not choose a company just because it is the first one you found or because it offers cheap rates. If you want this fungi problem completely eliminated, pick a dry rot treatment specialist with an excellent reputation – one with a proven track record of effectively eliminating dry rot and damp-proofing a house.

To know if the company renders first-rate service, you can ask people you know for feedback. You can also get first-hand information from previous clients. How? You can check online business directories as well as the company’s website where client reviews or testimonials are posted.

Apart from checking feedback, you can also interview the company to learn more about them. Ask about their people, tools and services. Remember, a reputable dry rot treatment company has trained and experienced people and uses the best tools and products. Furthermore, they can confidently and clearly explain to their potential clients how they diagnose and treat dry rot issues.

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