Is Damp Treatment Beneficial for Your Health?

Damp ceilings and walls are not unusual especially in high moisture areas in the house like the kitchen and the bathroom. However, while their occurrence is fairly normal, it is something you should not ignore. For one, the dampness may cause yellow patches to appear...

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Damp Proofing – What Are the Different Types of Damp?

Solving any damp issue in your house cannot commence without first identifying the cause. This is because different types of damp require a specific kind of treatment. Knowing what kind of damp problem you have is the key to effectively and quickly “curing” it. Types...

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What Is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is one of the types of damp issues (aside from condensation, penetrating damp and damp from plumbing leaks) found in houses or buildings. As the name suggests, this damp problem happens when water rises from the ground through the floors or walls of a...

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