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Is treating damp really as important as everyone says? The simple answer is yes! Many people don’t realise just how much their lives can be affected by the common household problem, especially when it comes to their home and health.


One reason that it is really important to deal with damp quickly is so that you can prevent moisture decay. Not doing this can cause structural damage to your property, which would be extremely costly to fix. Damp can cause a wide range of problems from dry and wet rot to mould. Mould only takes between 24-48 hours to start growing and will begin to colonies in 1 to 12 days. This means that when the mould is finally discovered, there has probably been a damp problem for a while. All to often dampness can be misdiagnosed this been a costly exercise for all involved. It is vital to deal with dampness and related issues once detected and for the problem to be dealt with by a damp proofing specialist.


Damp not only damages your property; it can also destroy your health. Anyone living in a home affected with damp is putting themselves and others around them at risk, which is why it should never be ignored. Children, the elderly, those with existing medical conditions and people with a poor immune system are those that are most at risk. The reason it affects your health is because mould produces allergens, irritants and also toxic substances. Inhaling or touching these mould spores could cause a bad allergic reaction, as well as asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions.